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Pool/Hot tub and Club House Rules


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Question:  How do I get on the schedule to use the club house?

AnswerLink to pool/club house rules and Link to club house rental agreementt.


Question:  How many guests can I have at the pool at any time?

Answer:  4 per household link here to pool rules.


Question:  What does the landscaper contract include?

Answer:  Front yard mowing, edging, clean up, hedge trimming, pre-emergent and post emergent.  He will also fix a sprinkler head if his crew breaks it.  Extra services are available upon request at a special rate.  Link here to 'Schedules..' for C&B Landscaping's number.


Question:  Can I use the parking lots to store my car?

Answer:  No. Link here to parking lot rules.


Question:  Where can I park my RV or boat?

Answer:  If you can't get it in the garage, you are restricted from parking in front for more than 72 hours.


Question:  Is there a restriction on changing the outward appearance of my house?

Answer:  If you change the outward appearance, fence type or build anything taller than the fence, you must get the approval of the board of directors.  You can submit your request by sending an email to Jon Hale ( and Diane Barnes (, see Architectural link on left side of the home page for form and contact details.


Question:  When are the home owners association fees due?

Answer:  The first of each month.  Click here for assessment and collection procedures if dues become delinquent.


Question:  How do I get into the home owners book of addresses and phone numbers.

Answer Complete the form here and forward it to Xrevette Dabney at Excel..


Question:  What will happen to a home owner that creates a hazard or damages property in the neighborhood?

Answer:  The home owner will be fined.  See link for Fining Procedures.


Question:  When are the board meetings?

Answer:  Once per quarter.  See homepage for all meeting dates and times.  January board meetings will include election for certain board members.


Question:  Can we see the minutes from the board meetings?

Answer:  We do not formally publish minutes but you are welcome to join the meeting or ask any of the board members for updates.. 


To send your question to the board simply click here and let us know your question.